Albert B. Almore has been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ since October 16th, 2005. He currently serves as the lead Pastor of Motion Church, located in Bayboro, North Carolina. He is passionate about communicating the Gospel with fervor, truth and relevancy to all ages. He does this through his sermons, speaking in schools, pre-game speeches, and through the twenty-three books that he has written. He has had the honor of traveling and sharing the gospel in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Honduras with hopes to do much more. Albert truly believes that everyone’s best is yet to come. This is evident through Albert’s life, along with his messages. Pastor Albert and his wife Logan live in New Bern, NC with their sons, Eli, and Judah. They truly value the blessing of family.


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Becky Thomas
Executive Assistant

Becky is the Executive Assistant here at Motion Church! She oversees the overall operations and church staff, provides organization and communication to our finance team, and serves alongside the Servant Leaders in our First Impressions Ministry. She is passionate about seeing others succeed in the gifts that God has given them, and loves pouring that passion into the staff and servant leaders of Motion Church. 


Becky is a graduate of East Carolina University, 

and holds a degree in Merchandising with a minor in  Business Administration. Becky and her husband Kirk live in Trent Woods, North Carolina with their two dogs. Becky loves a good cup of coffee, running, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Jessie Kachur
worship + creative director

Jessie is the Worship and Creative Director here at Motion Church. She strives to provide vision and leadership for both our Worship and Creative Departments, and oversees the overall planning and operations of both. Jessie serves alongside both teams during each of our worship experiences, as well as throughout the week. She is a graduate of East Carolina University, from which she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. Jessie's passion for leading worship is rooted in her desire to bring glory and praise to the the Lord, and in her love for the global Church - believing that it blesses the heart of God to see His children come together in unity to bring Him adoration as one body. Jessie lives in Trent Woods, North Carolina with her goldendoodle, Ruthie. She loves spending time with her people, drinking good coffee, and getting creative to bring ideas to life.

Mary Alex Conner
family ministries director

Mary Alex is the Family Ministries Director here at Motion Church. She provides visionary leadership and oversight to the Children’s and Youth Ministries. Mary Alex has a heart for serving in these areas and building relationships as she shares Jesus with children and students. She is passionate about teaching God’s Word in fun and exciting ways!


Mary Alex lives in New Bern, North Carolina. She loves spending time with her family and friends, as well as her sweet Goldendoodle, Cash. Some of her favorite things include bonfires, beach days, and good movies. Mary Alex values community and is blessed by the genuine connections she makes with those around her!

Logan Almore
discipleship + outreach director

Logan Almore is the Discipleship and Outreach Director at Motion Church. She oversees the organization of each of our outreach opportunities, as well as the structure and communication of our Discipleship Groups. Logan is passionate about building relationships, serving people and communities as a whole, and communicating the Word of God. She is a graduate of East Carolina University, and is currently enrolled at Grace College of Divinity for certification in Bible and Theology. Logan lives in New Bern, NC with her husband, Albert, and two sons, Eli and Judah.