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Sermon Notes: 3/19/23

"Fight for Your Future"

Ryan Isfeld

The minute you say YES to GOD’S PLAN is the same minute you get hit with OPPOSITION

Nehemiah 4:6-14


1. Keep your HEAD UP

Nehemiah 4:15, 4:19-20

The battle begins IN YOUR MIND

If you can’t believe there is hope and a future, you’ve ALREADY LOST.

(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

(2 Cor. 1:8-10)

Don’t fight in YOUR OWN STRENGTH

Prayer and surrender

Nehemiah and Hezekiah

2. Keep your EYES OPEN

Opposition can come from many places and any direction.

In the fight for your future, your enemies are not PEOPLE.

Your true enemies are the FALLEN WORLD, the FLESH, and the FORCES OF DARKNESS

Ephesians 6:12

Nehemiah 4:12

Sometimes the desire for SAFETY and ​​COMFORT can distract you from the work God has called you to do.

Nehemiah 4:22-23

God has given you the victory, but don’t hang up your armor just yet.

Ephesians 6:13


Nehemiah 4:15-18, 21

Sometimes fighting for your future looks like GETTING UP and GOING TO WORK.

What are you doing with the opportunities right in front of you?

You can’t expect God to bless you with more if you’re not doing your best with what he’s ALREADY GIVEN YOU

Your calling / assignment is unique. Don’t compare yours to others, all are important.

Nehemiah 3

Be the best ____________you can be


There is strength in unity, and in walking in community. The enemy wants to keep you isolated.

Let God fight for you.


As you fight for your future,

Are you keeping your head up? Can you believe God has plans for you worth fighting for?

Are your eyes open? Are you on guard against attacks and distractions?

Are your hands still on the tools? Are you doing all that you can do with what God has given you?

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